American Open

Cameron Wheeler wins 55th American Open on Tie-Breaks!

Justin Sarkar Co-Champion, 6.5 pts.

U2200 1st - Andrew Wang
U2000 1st - 4th - Robert Klein, Christopher Sheu, Thomas Harbin, Derin Goktepe
U1800 1st - Eric Chen
U1600 1st - 3rd Alexander Kong, Richard Robledo, Shreyas Sakharkar
U1400 1st - Edwin* Ruiz, Alan Peng

Blitz Champion - IM John Bryant
Action Champion - Ilia Serpik

Scholastic Varsity K-12 Champs - Andrew Huang and Nicholas Scarda
Varsity K-6 Champs - Hengrui Zhang
Varsity K-3 Champs - Nathan Thomas

JV Top Winners in each section- Gordon Xu, Ethan Dygert, Jonathan An, William Chondro, Caleb Zeng, Alfred Lu, Jim Xiao, Leon Chen, Luther Kim, Tony Gong, Kiaan Sangani.

Best teams all around - Beyond Chess and Wing Chess. See standings for section breakdown per section.

If you want to see what happened from last year's event, check out the highlight video below.