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Main Tournament Information 2015


4-day option is November 26 - November 29, 2015
3-day option is November 27 - November 29, 2015

Tournament Venue

DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton Anaheim-Orange County
Address: 100 The City Drive, Orange, CA 92868
view map and hotel information
Book a room at the hotel. Chess Rate $105 until October 21st.
$10 parking per day per car

Entry Fee

Register early and save.
Entry Fee
register by 11/25 save $15
Onsite/online (up until 1hr before 1st round) $200
$50 additional charge for U2000 playing in the Open section.
$100 for Re-entry fee
Mixed Doubles No extra fee

Memberships and Ratings

Required Memberships
A U.S. Chess Federation Membership is required of all players. Players will not be allowed to complete the tournament without a valid membership.
The November USCF Rating Supplement will be used. Other ratings may be used if higher. If your rating changes in the November supplement you will be moved up or down automatically. For any changes please contact us through the Contact page. The decision of the chief tournament director is final regarding eligibility, rating adjustments, conversions, unofficial ratings, the CCA minimum rating list or other rating issues. Unofficial USCF rating usually used if otherwise unrated. Every effort will be made to start players in the appropriate section, but if an error is discovered late in the tournament it will be corrected. If there is any reason you may not be eligible for the section you entered, be sure to ask for a review before Round 1 is paired.

Sections and Format

Open, U2200, U2000, U1800, U1600, U1400
The Open section is open to all players over 2000. For players rated under 2000 who want to play in the Open section, you must first sign-up in your current allowed section, and then send a request to play in the Open through the Contact us page. Under sections are open only to players with ratings lower than the section limit.
Open and U2200 are FIDE rated.
Players with provisional rating (under 26 games) as of Nov. 10, 2015 will not be able to win the full money prize. Unrated players (Played zero rated games) will also be imposed a prize limit.

8 Round Swiss System USCF Rated Tournament. There is a 4-day and a 3-day option. Merge on 5th Round.
Time Control
4-days Option All Rounds are 40moves/120 + SD/55 hr; d5
3-days Option Rounds 1-4 are Game/1 hr
Round 5-8 are merged with 4-days.
5 second time delay will be used with no subtraction

Mixed Doubles
Team up with the opposite sex and be eligible to win Mixed Double Prize. Top 3 best overall scoring (combine two scores of the players) Mixed Double team among all sections get 1st $500 - 2nd $250 - 3rd $125. The following Mixed Double rules apply:
(Please email us to register your Mixed Double Team)
1) No extra fee for registering a Mixed Double Team
2) Team must be registered before the start of the Rd 2 of the 3-day schedule
3) Team's average rating cannot exceed 2200
4) Players can be from different sections


Rd 1 Thu 12:30 PM   Rd 1 Fri 11:00 AM
Rd 2 Thu   7:30 PM   Rd 2 Fri 2:30 PM
Rd 3 Fri 12:30 PM   Rd 3 Fri 5:00 PM
Rd 4 Fri   7:30 PM   Rd 4 Fri 8:00 PM
Rd 5 Sat 10:30 AM MERGE  Rd 5 Sat 10:30 AM
Rd 6 Sat   5:00 PM   Rd 6 Sat 5:00 PM
Rd 7 Sun 10:00 AM   Rd 7 Sun 10:00 AM
Rd 8 Sun   4:30 PM   Rd 8 Sun 4:30 PM

Other Information

Other Information: 

Bye Policy
Maximum of 2 half-point byes. Byes must be requested before round 1.
Players are required to bring their own chess clocks and sets. None will be provided. Chess equipment and other chess merchandise will be available for purchase during the event at the ChessPalace Bookstore.


Based on 500 participants, 50% guaranteed!

OPEN SECTION: Prizes $5000-2500-1200-800-600-300, Under 2450 $1500-700-500. Under 2350 $800-400 FIDE rated.
U2200 SECTION: Prizes $3000-1500-1000-500-400-300. 
U2000 SECTION: Prizes $3000-1500-1000-500-400-300.
U1800 SECTION: Prizes $3000-1500-1000-500-400-300.
U1600 SECTION: Prizes $3000-1500-700-500-400-300.
U1400 SECTION: Prizes $2000-1000-500-300-200-100. U1200: $1000-500-300. U1400(Unrated): $300-200-100.* Part of the U1400 Section

Unrated/Provisional (under 26 games) may not win over $500 in U1400, $700 in U1600, $900 in U1800, $1100 in U2000.

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