General Questions: 

1. What rating will be used for the tournament?

The November published rating supplement from US Chess Federation will be used. Please note that the tournament director reserves the right to automatically place players in a higher section if the November published rating is not representative of the player’s strength. In those scenarios, the most updated current rating will be used. This is generally the process if the most updated rating is significantly larger (difference of 150+). 

2. Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available at a discounted rate with validation.

3. What do I have to bring with me to play in a tournament?

It is highly recommended to bring your own tournament-regulation-sized chess set and clock. (Chess sets will be provided for the Scholastic Tournament.) There will be a bookstore on site that sells chess sets and clocks for newcomers to the game. Scoresheets on which you can record the moves of your games will be provided, but a booklet of scoresheets so that you don’t lose them are also available for sale should you wish to purchase one.

4. Do I need to have a US Chess Federation membership to play in the tournament?

Chess players must have an active US Chess Federation membership to play at the tournament.
To check the expiration date for your membership, to sign up, or renew, please visit the USCF website at https://secure2.uschess.org/webstore/member.php

5. I signed up through Eventbrite. Why don’t I see my name on the advance entries list? 

We are working diligently to update the advance entries list as current as we can. Please allow 48 hours for the online advance entries list to get updated as this is not currently an automated process. If you registered through Eventbrite, an email receipt is sent to the email address you registered with. This email is a confirmation that you are registered for the tournament. If you would like, you can then check back later for the online advance entries list.

Main Tournament 

1. What is re-entry and is it allowed in this tournament?

For those on the 4-day schedule, a player can drop out of the 4-day schedule after the first or second round and re-enter the tournament by registering for the 3-day schedule. It is like a restart.

A re-entry to the tournament can be done one-time only and for players in any section except in the OPEN section (which is a FIDE-rated section). To re-enter, the player will have to pay the re-entry fee of $100 and has to re-enter with the tournament director before the close of registration for the 3-day schedule on Friday morning. 

2. Is there a prize cap for unrated players? 
Yes, Unrated players can play in any section but will be limited in the amount of prize money that can be awarded ( if sufficient games were won to get a prize.)


Scholastic Tournament 

1. What should my child do if his/her opponent makes an illegal move? 
Please advise your child(ren) to raise their hand if their opponent makes an illegal move (or has any other questions). A tournament director/staff member will go to their game to assist. If a child does not know what to do, just raise their hand. 

2. Are the children required to record their moves? 
Children in the rated tournaments are required to record their moves.

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