US Chess Federation membership is required and must be current as of November 30, 2021

Refund Policy
If you cannot attend the tournament, please let us know through the Contact Us page at least 7 days before the start of the tournament (if you registered through Eventbrite, make the refund request through Eventbrite).
Refund for the entry fee will be less $25 service charge for the adult event and $15 for the scholastic. 

You may also give notice of withdrawal in writing (by post mail or email) at least 7 days before the first round. NO REFUND, full or partial, is EVER given once you have started playing your game in the first round.

Bye Policy

0 point bye notifications are welcomed anytime. Please notify us if you want a 0-point bye, but will be playing the following round. These are useful in situations where a 0.5 point bye is too late to be requested but you still wish to play the remaining rounds. 

Rules for HALF-POINT (0.5 point) byes

In order to protect players from unfair 0.5 bye requests the following policy is in place for all players.
1. Last round byes MUST be requested before the start of the first round.
2. All other rounds must be requested 1 hour before the previous round (and at least 24 hours for first round bye request).
3. Requesting for a bye is not grounds for receiving a refund.
4. Maximum of two 0.5 bye.

Rules for FULL-POINT (1.0 point) Bye
1. A full-point bye, which is received due to an odd number of players at the time of pairing a section, is an unplayed game. The recipient will not receive credit for rating or for norms.
2. Getting a bye is not grounds for receiving a refund.

Questions and request can be made through the player’s portal. For any exception/emergency requests or questions, please see the information desk at the tournament or direct emails to americanopen2000 at gmail dot com.

Switching or Making Changes
Depending on the complications of your request, our data entry personnel will need to spend time to look up your information and process them, therefore you may be charged a service fee. An easy way for avoiding this charge is by making sure all your information is filled out correctly during the registration. Players may not switch from one section to the other for the sole reason based on preference changes after viewing the advance list. A valid reason must be provided for changes.