Main Tournament


Open, U2200, U2000, U1800, U1600, U1400
Open and U2200 sections are FIDE rated.


Open section

NORM possible with 9 rounds SS:

Round times for Open section

  • 6 days (Tuesday, Nov 22 – Sunday, Nov 27)
  • US Grand Prix Points: 150 (Enhanced)

Sections Under 2200 through Under 1400

All sections Under 2200 8-Rounds SS:

Round times for 4-day and 3-day sections

There are two options:

  • 4-day (Thursday, Nov 24 – Sunday, Nov. 27)
  • 3-day (Friday, Nov. 25 – 27, 2022) The 4-day and 3-day group of players will merge on Round 5.

*There is a play up fee for players with FIDE rating under 2200. See Entry Fee info below

Ratings, for Under 2200 & lower sections: November official USCF ratings used. Unofficial ratings usually used if otherwise unrated. Players must reveal foreign, FIDE, and other over the board ratings, and these ratings, adjusted if necessary, may be used, if higher than US Chess Federation’s.

  • Maximum of 2 optional half point byes.
  • Last round half-point byes (round 8 for 4-day and 3-day schedule, or round 9 for the Open) must be requested prior to the start of round 2.
  • All other rounds, request for half-point byes must be requested before the start of  the previous round of the intended bye round. (i.e. to request Round 7 Bye, you must submit the bye before Rd 6 starts, or before 5 pm on Saturday) 
  • All byes requested after the the maximum two allowed for half-point, or after the previous round of the intended bye round has started will be 0-point byes.

Time Control

  • 6-day (Open Section only): All Rounds are 40 moves/90 minutes + Sudden Death 30 minutes, with +30 seconds increments from move one.
  • 4-day: All Rounds are 40 moves/90 minutes + Sudden Death 30 minutes, with +30 seconds increments from move one.
  • 3-day: schedule: Rounds 1 – 4 are Game/1hr; d5; Round 5-8 are merged with 4-days at Game 40moves/90 minutes + Sudden Death 30 minutes, with +30 seconds increments

Bring chess sets and clock if possible- these will not be supplied

Entry Fee

Open Section (Entry Fee based on FIDE rating)

Grandmasters (GM/WGM), Foreign GMs/IMs click here.

A. FIDE 2200+ entry fee

$180 before August 31, 2022
September 1 – September 30, 2022
October 1 – October 31, 2022
November 1 – November 20, 2022

B. Play UP additional entry fee

  • With FIDE rating between 2000-2200 – additional $100
  • With FIDE rating between 1800-2000 – additional $150
  • With FIDE rating under 1800 – additional $300
  • For Unrated – additional $500
  • Play up fee will be refunded if FIDE rating reaches 2200 or more for November 2022 rating supplement.

Sections Under 2200

$180 before August 31, 2022
September 1 – September 30, 2022
October 1 – October 31, 2022
November 1 – Sunday, November 20, 2022

Re-entry $120; not available for players in Open section

NO same-day/on-site registration. 
Register early to reserve your seat.


$25,000 Prize Fund guaranteed!

Prize amounts below are the amounts that is guaranteed. For example, $2500 for the first place in the OPEN section; $1,250 for the 2nd place in the OPEN section.

OPEN SECTION: Prizes $2500-1250-750-500-300-200, under 2450: $1000-500-250, under 2300: $500-250. FIDE rated.
U2200 SECTION: Prizes $1500-750-500-300-200
U2000 SECTION: Prizes $1500-750-500-300-200
U1800 SECTION: Prizes $1500-750-500-300-200
U1600 SECTION: Prizes $1500-750-500-300-200
U1400 SECTION: Prizes $1500-750-500-300-200; U1200: $500-250 (not a separate section; U1200s also eligible for U1400 prizes); Unrated: $300-150 (Unrated players in this section are eligible for these prizes only). 

Unrated/Provisional (under 26 games) may not win over $300 in U1400, $400 in U1600, $500 in U1800, $600 in U2000, $700 in U2200.

Players with provisional rating (under 26 games) as of Nov. 10, 2022 will not be able to win the full money prize. Unrated players (Played zero rated games) will also have imposed prize limits. 

The November USCF Rating Supplement will be used. Other ratings (CCA minimum rating, US Chess online rating, FIDE) may be used if higher. If your rating changes in the November supplement you will be moved up or down automatically.

The decision of the chief tournament director is final regarding eligibility, rating adjustments, conversions, unofficial ratings, the CCA minimum rating list, or other rating issues. Unofficial USCF rating usually used if otherwise unrated.

Every effort will be made to start players in the appropriate section, but if an error is discovered late in the tournament, it will be corrected. If there is any reason you may not be eligible for the section you entered, be sure to ask for a review before Round 1 is paired.

Make your move today.

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